Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I, Me and Myself

Many hours I have spent wondering - what and how much of myself should I reveal to the world. For three decades I have hid myself from all except a handful. Its an arduous habit to overcome, but I shall try. So here goes, a little bit more about myself..

Life motto: A little bit of everything, life's too short not to try new things :)

Best moments: Traveling with my loved one!

Craziest moment: Diving from a plane at 13000 ft above ground!

Cant keep away from: shopping!

Favourite way to spend money: buying new clothes and cosmetics. Sometimes I also buy books.

Best purchase: Kindle e-reader, a game-changer 

Most expensive purchase: My rose gold Omega watch

Favourite reading: I was all into fiction until I met my husband, and a whole new world of non-fiction books with him! That said, I also read lifestyle blogs.

New hobbies: Golf, painting

Dream: To work for love and not the money.

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